Lithography classes and workshops with Alice

Lithography is a printing process in which artists use greasy drawing materials to make original images on stones and/or metal plates, which are then printed onto paper. This technique does not require any specific skills, and is open to anyone who wants to draw, paint, write and look for textures.

We particularly like lithography as it allows for the most direct translation of drawing; it offers an exciting variety of marks and textures to work with, and the combinations of colours and layers have endless subtleties and possibilities. Our artistic practice in general is very much influenced by this process.

Lithographs differ from etchings, engravings, screen prints and woodcuts in materials and process. For example, etchings and engravings are printed from a metal plate with incised lines, screen printing uses a fine mesh through which ink is pushed, and woodcuts are printed from blocks of wood carved in relief. A lithograph is made from a chemically treated, flat surface, traditionally limestone, or specially prepared metal plates.

In each case, what distinguishes the print as original is that the artist participated directly in the creation of the image.




The workshops are for people who like making images by drawing and in other ways. Lithography offers many possibilities of marks (toner print transfer, drawing with a crayon, with ink, or just doing some research of textures and colors). This technique does not require skills in drawings. This workshop can be a discovery for you and for me, and I am very pleased to share this old printing process with curious people.

Workshop details:

-2 days (in the week or week-ends – please see the calendar just below)
from 11:00 to 6:00 
-2 people max
 -220 €TTC/person
 -190 €TTC/person for young graduated artists (since two years)
All the material is provided (neutral ph paper, inks, and other…)
This workshop will be a good way to approach stone lithography. We will work for two days on the different steps of this printing process, and you will bring home an edition you have entirely realised.
First day
-presentation of the stone lithography technique (showing original prints)
-graining the stones (just finishing! I will have done the graining beforehand).
-drawing on the stones (from a sketch or just an idea of texture)
-etching the drawing on the stone with gum arabic and nitric acid
Second day
-ink preparation
-paper preparation
-press set up
-proof printing
-print of a small edition

Calendar of the next week-end workshops

  • 2018
  • 2-3 May           1 PERSON LEFT
  • 12-13 May                 FULL
  • 19-20 May                 FULL
  • 26 May ———> OPEN DAYS
  • 20-21 June  FULL
  • 25-26 June
  • 30 June and 1st of July   FULL
  • 29 – 30 September FULL
  • 3 – 4 October
  • 6 – 7 October
  • 13 – 14 October
  • 17 – 18 October
  • 20 – 21 October
  • 24 – 25 October 


  • 10 – 11 November
  • 14 – 15 November
  • 20 – 21 November


  • 1 – 2 December
  • 11 – 12 December
  • 19 – 20 December

    We can find more dates together if you contact me DIRECTLY :

    Booking by email :

    For the booking of the classes and worshops, the studio requests half of the total amount (by cheque ask us for the adress to send it to)




One day to discover stone lithography!

-one day (in the week or week-end)

-from 11:00 to 6:00

-Two people minimum and maximum

-110 €TTC/person

-95 €TTC/person for young graduated artists

We will go through the differents steps of this printing process, ending the day by printing one or two good lithographs, that you can take home with you.

All the material is provided (neutral ph paper, inks, and other…)

This day is a nice way to discover this technique and to imagine what we can do with it!


When? We choose a day together! let me know

  • Saturday th 16th of September : FULL
  • Sunday the 24th of September : FULL
  • Wednesday 30th of May : FULL

Booking by email :

For the booking of the classes and worshops, the studio requests half of the total amount. (by cheque ask me for the adress to send it to)

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